Tips for using Pentaho Data Integration on Mac OS X

  10 Aug 2014

This is a short article on some of the problems you might encounter when working with Pentaho Data Integration on Mac OS X:

Cannot start Spoon via the app launcher

When starting Spoon via the app launcher you might get asked to install Java 6 (although you have already Java installed) or you might get an error message like this: “Data Integration is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to trash.”

Currently there doesn’t seem to be a way around this problem. You can only start Spoon via the shell script.

Fixing the unresponsive file dialog

Jira case

When opening or saving a file, you might see the spinning wheel for ages in the file dialog - nothing is happening. This is usually happening on Mac OS X Mavericks and jre 1.7.

Download the latest stable Mac SWT jar file from Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit website and add it to <pdi-root>/libswt/osx64.

Download the latest Oracle Java Version. As Nelson points out in the jira case mentioned above, version 1.7.0_51-b13 and later seem to have fixed this problem.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

I just list shortcuts here which are not listed in the UI:

keyborad shortcut description
SHIFT + CMD + Space Show variables list
SHIFT + CMD + arrow OR ALT + CMD + arrow Align steps/job entries
ALT + CMD + up or down arrow Move row up or down in a config table (e.g. Select Values step)
fn + DEL Delete row in a config table
Ctrl+ Cmd + F5 Open Metastore Browser

Text and icons too small on the Retina display

That’s an easy one: Just go to Tools > Options … > Look & Feel and adjust the icon and font size.

Data Grid and other configuration options

With the Data Grid step you will have to hit Enter once a value was entered, otherwise it will just disappear. Marcello Pontes also mentioned that you can use the Tab key instead as well.

Nelson Sousa mentioned: “When you have a field active to edit, press enter before clicking anywhere else. If not you get one of those array out of bounds things. Ignore it, continue with spoon, save and restart. :)”

The menu bar options have disappeared

To solve this issue, just switch to another app and then back again … voilà all menu bar options are back. Pure magic (no, not really).

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