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Mondrian semi-additive measures

This article explains a workaround you can use to implement semi-additive measures in Mondrian

  August 12, 2014    Pentaho

Pentaho Sparkl Tips

This article is a list of various important points when working with Sparkl

  August 10, 2014    Pentaho

Creating nested JSON structures in Pentaho Data Integration

This article discusses creating nested JSON structures with Pentaho Kettle.

  August 10, 2014    Pentaho

Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook Review

This is a brief review of the latest book on Pentaho.

  August 10, 2014    Pentaho

Tips for using Pentaho Data Integration on Mac OS X

This is a short article on some of the problems you might encounter when working with Pentaho Data Integration on Mac OS X

  August 10, 2014    Pentaho

Installing Columnar DB MonetDB

Very brief instructions on how to install MonetDB

  July 15, 2014    Pentaho Database

Pentaho London User Meetup 22nd of July

Join us at this meetup, listing to interesting talks and exchange ideas

  July 12, 2014    Pentaho Meetup

Pentaho Dashboards (CDE): Bootstrap styled custom selects

This article explains how to create custom bootstrap styled cascading selectors using JQuery.

  June 28, 2014    Pentaho CDF CDE Dashboards JQuery

Pentaho Dashboard Framework Basics

This article explains how to set up Pentaho CDF and describes the folder structure as well as how to create a basic dashboard.

  June 25, 2014    Pentaho CDF CDE Dashboards

Setting a variable value dynamically in a Pentaho Data Integration job

This article explains an easy way to define a variable in a Pentaho Kettle job

  June 18, 2014    Pentaho Data-Integration

Pentaho Dashboards CDE: Create your custom Bootstrap table

This article covers the basic of using Bootstrap with Pentaho Dashboards.

  May 21, 2014    Pentaho CDF CDE Dashboards Bootstrap