Pentaho London User Meetup 22nd of July

  12 Jul 2014

I am up as a speaker at the forthcoming Pentaho London User Group (PLUG) meeting on the 22nd of July at Skillsmatter - check out the Meetup details. I’ll be talking about how to create a data mart with Pentaho Data Integration (a.k.a. Kettle). The PLUG Meetup is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals working in the same area. The forthcoming meeting has a very interesting series of talks featuring Pentaho community heavyweights Matt Casters (the guy who built Pentaho Kettle), Mark Melton, Harris Ward and Tom Barber. The meetup is organized by Dan Keeley. My talk will demonstrate how to setup a Kimball-style star schema with open source packages: Pentaho Data Integration and columnar database MonetDB. This is extremly useful as well for prototyping as there is no software cost involved. Having said this, I hope to see you at the PLUG meetup on the 22n of July!

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