Pentaho Community Meetup 2015

  06 Jun 2015

Each year the worldwide Pentaho Community gathers to exchange the latest news and ideas on the various Pentaho projects. It’s a great place to get to know the core developers as well as all the community rockstars. You can take part in various presentations and a hackathon as well as various social activities. Get insight into the latest developments! I’d argue that you don’t know about the real Pentaho community spirit if you haven’t yet had to chance to attend one of these meetups. This is also an event where new ideas are born: people with similar vision/ideas form groups and take on new adventures - the output of which might be a new Pentaho product in future (be it a Sparkl plugin or similar). In a nutshell: It’s an event not to be missed!

This year’s Meetup takes place on the 7th of November in London - an extremely vibrant city, which happens to be Penthaho’s European headquarter as well. The event is completely FREE of charge and consists of a series of talks/presentations, a hackathon and various social activities. The event is organised by Dan Keeley, Nelson Sousa and myself.

You can find all the essential info on the official site - Go ahead and register for the FREE ticket!

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