Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook Review

  10 Aug 2014

I had some time in my holidays to read the new Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook by Sergio Ramazzina. It’s always great to see new books published that cover Pentaho tools.

Here is a brief review:

  • Target Audience: Readers new to the Pentaho stack
  • Content: The book provides an overview of all essential Pentaho tools. Most of the chapters provide practical examples, which will help the reader to get started quickly.
  • Conclusion: This is an excellent Getting Started Guide. Concepts are explained very well and the book should provide the reader a good overview of all the Pentaho tools. What it is not: A detailed in-depth guide of all the tools - which would be overwhelming for new users. When you are first confronted with the Pentaho stack, you just want to read a book like this and then once you understand these core concepts, dive deeper and read some of the other books that are focused on one of the tools. Highly recommended!
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