Apache Spark: Mapping Scala Date to Spark SQL Date

  02 May 2017

Since the introduction of Java 8 a new and very elegant java.time package (based on Joda-Time) has been available, basically replacing the old troublesome java.util.Date package as well as the java.sql.date package.

While using the java.time package is very straight forward, e.g.:

import java.time._

case class SalesRecord(
  , salesAmount:Int

val sampleData = List(
  SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-01"), 20)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-02"),30)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-03"),10)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-04"),20)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-05"),10)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-06"),40)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-07"),20)
  , SalesRecord(LocalDate.parse("2017-01-08"),30)

Once you try to convert the sample data to a Spark dataset:

val sampleDataSet = spark.createDataset(sampleData)

… you get following error:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: No Encoder found for java.time.LocalDate

Or if you were to create a dataframe, you would get this error:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Schema for type java.time.LocalDate is not supported

So why is this not working? To figure this out, we have to take a look at the Spark SQL Data Type mapping:

Data type Value type in Scala API to access or create a data type
TimestampType java.sql.Timestamp TimestampType
DateType java.sql.Date DateType

We can see that Spark SQL is using the java.sql package, quite likely for backward-compatibilty. So in order to make our code work, we have to change our case class:

import java.sql.Date

case class SalesRecord(
  , salesAmount:Int

val sampleData = List(
  SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-01"), 20)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-02"),30)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-03"),10)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-04"),20)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-05"),10)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-06"),40)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-07"),20)
  , SalesRecord(Date.valueOf("2017-01-08"),30)

val sampleDataSet = spark.createDataset(sampleData)

Let’s check the schema and data now:

scala> sampleDataSet.printSchema
 |-- salesDate: date (nullable = true)
 |-- salesAmount: integer (nullable = false)

scala> sampleDataSet.show
| salesDate|salesAmount|
|2017-01-01|         20|
|2017-01-02|         30|
|2017-01-03|         10|
|2017-01-04|         20|
|2017-01-05|         10|
|2017-01-06|         40|
|2017-01-07|         20|
|2017-01-08|         30|

As you can see, the data types are correct now. Problem solved.

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